IEP Goal Tracking

To keep track of IEP goals, I created this system where students are taking responsibility for tracking and knowing their own goals. This leaves less stress for me to update goals, and allows them to take ownership of their own learning.


Each student artistically drew their names on index cards and taped a copy of their goals on different index cards. All cards were put on a ring so students are able to add updates behind each card as they work toward their specific goals.


These are always hanging in my classroom for students to grab whenever they feel they have made progress toward their goal. My intention is for the students to share their index cards and progress at their next IEP meeting (where all their teachers, admin and parents attend). Leaving them in charge of presenting their goals motivates them to reach them and forces them to understand and know what their goals are!


Happy Teaching!


5 thoughts on “IEP Goal Tracking

  1. I love this idea! I am new to teaching in the resource room and have been looking for a effective and easy way to track data. Thank you!!

  2. each of my students has a file folder that we periodically set goals related directly to their IEP goals. At the end of each week they mark their progress: still working on….. Making progress……I did it! Then we take these goals and reset NEW goals for the new IEP. Each of my students present their own IEPs in a powerpoint presentation which we work on all year and practice presenting before their actual IEP. Talk about proud students!

    1. Wow! You just took this idea to a whole new level. I LOVE the idea of coaching students through a Powerpoint Presentation that they deliver at their IEP meeting. I am definitely passing this idea on to my team. Thanks for sharing!

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