End of Year Student Gifts: Memory Books

It’s no secret that I care deeply about each of my students, making the end of the year a very difficult process. I don’t like saying goodbye, and this year, my heart was especially heavy because I was also leaving the community and moving 3 hours away! I felt compelled to make these student gifts, memory books, extra special!


  • I collected a year’s worth of photos and compiled them onto colorful scrapbook paper. IMG_0572
  • Throughout the year, my class routinely gave “appreciations” or shout outs to each other to display on our shout out wall. I taped these to the alternating pages so that students could read through all of the encouraging words their classmates wrote about them throughout the year, compiled into a neat little book! IMG_0573
  • Other pages also included notes from myself, my paraeducator, my husband (he played a big role in my class), and other adults that had a lasting impact on my class.


  • I used simple binder hooks to connect all of the pages

 A special token of an unforgettable year!

Happy Teaching! xoxo


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