About Mrs. Peterson

I believe that the achievement gap is as much a “story gap” as it is a skill gap. When students lack the skills to create, participate in, and influence positive change in society, they lose the ability to tell their own story. Their story then gets told for them, often by people who may or may not share their experiences and values. Their voice is lost under the louder ones.  As I work towards the building of technical skills for my students, I do so with the awareness that I am building their capacity to speak! I am inspiring them to stand proud in the knowledge of who they are, where they come from, and what unique gifts they bring to this world. I envision a school where all students feel welcomed, valued, and safe every day they come to school.

It is my goal to lift their voices, and in doing so, build their capacities for demanding change in the world and in their own lives. My own story is constantly changed and redefined as students teach me the meaning of perseverance, strength, and joy.


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